Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year, New Adventures

Happy 2010! After spending a great deal of time on other food blogs, I wanted to make an attempt at it. I'm not really the resolution type, but if I was making a public resolution, it would be to try new recipes as often as possible. Same for wine, and beer... and I want to learn to like scotch this year. The flip side of all the eating is intending to do as much yoga as I can. As someone whose spent quite a bit of time trying to balance the foodie side with the health nut/yogi side, I came up with a compromise: the majority of what I cook is pretty damn healthy, and often close to vegan. Healthy doesn't really include my comfort foods though, mac'n'cheese and tex-mex food are perfect as they are! Similarly, when it comes to desserts, I'm all French-"you can never have enough butter"-style -- if you want a delicious dessert, make it the way it was intended, love it and you tend to crave less of it.

There's a major snow storm starting outside which will be followed by extremely low temperatures, so I'll be spending quite a bit of time baking or cooking in the next few days -- check back and hopefully there will be some recipes and pictures up soon!

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