Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rhubarb Crisp

Iowa City Farmer's Market is back!! As promised by the apple pie post, I did indeed buy a bunch of rhubarb, though I decided to be responsible make some rhubarb crisp instead of a pie (pie takes too much time when I should be studying for finals.

In addition to the rhubarb, I also found some asparagus (which will be appearing soon in a pasta recipe!) and herbs for my deck. I went with cilantro, parsley and lemon balm. Truthfully, I thought the lemon balm was lemon basil... anybody know what to do with lemon balm??

Friday, May 7, 2010


Ahh, I love it when the weather is (finally!) consistently warm and sunny. Trees are exploding with green, flowers are blooming - allergies aside, I'm a big fan of late spring. A large exception to this being the finals that have taken over my life, which coincide ominously with the wearing of shorts, sundresses and swimsuits. Keeping that in mind, I'm making an effort for my finals munching food to be something other than scotcheroos or mac'n'cheese, and hummus is one of my favorites. The best hummus I've found so far is from a restaurant in Iowa City called Oasis Falafel. It's creamy, a little nutty and just enough spice to make celery not seem so... bland and useless. This isn't their recipe, but basically the same ingredients go into all hummus recipes, so this is my attempt at it.